Widgets Wouldn’t Show Next Alarm

ImageSeveral android widgets have a helpful feature: They show the next alarm that’s set to go off. I like to see what the next alarm is.  It’s reassuring when I have something to remember to look down and see that the phone has it covered.

Back when I was running stock Samsung AT&T phone software, it drove me crazy that the alarm was difficult to silence, because every time I tried to pick up the phone to turn it off, inevitably the phone would spend time rotating the screen before it would respond.  Because there was so much stuff on the stock install, it was sluggish and frustrating.

So back then I got used to using a third-party alarm app.  Later, I was using CyanogenMod 10.2 but hadn’t used their clock app.  I was still using the third party app.  After a while, because the thrid-party app was uglier than CyanogenMod’s clock app, I got curious, and I found out that the CM alarm is easy to silence.

So I transitioned to the CM cLock, one alarm at a time.  But during that time, I noticed that my next alarm wouldn’t show up in the widgets that were supposed to display the next set alarm.

Finally I found out that only by uninstalling the third-party alarm application could I get the next alarm from the stock CM clock app to show up in the widgets.  I’m posting this only because I would have liked to have found an account like this back when I was frustrated.


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